On the Road safety day – Vlantana’s attention to the culture of road users

One of the most innovative Lithuanian transport companies, JSC Vlantana, together with the Lithuanian police, traditionally commemorates Road safety day on April 6. On this occasion, the company, which implements several social initiatives, aims to remind traffic safety rules, draw public attention to the dangers of the roads and encourage people to be more cautious.

Vlantana employees together with officials of Klaipėda district police commissariat visited Gargzdai kindergartens, where Vlantana presented over 550 reflectors “Be visible on the road” to small road users and educational books on safe road for all preschool children. The same educational books and reflectors were handed out to the children of the company’s employees.

Tomas Stonys, General Manager of JSC Vlantana, notes that the company feels a responsibility to develop safe behavior on the road and to educate about the concept of safe traffic.

We are a logistics company whose main business engine is a man and vehicle, so road safety is one of the priority areas of our organization’s social responsibility. “We try to contribute to the growth of a conscious and responsible culture of road users, to look for new technological solutions that would help raise the level of knowledge of our employees,” says T. Stonys.

On the occasion of the Road safety day, employees of Vlantana administration listened to a virtual traffic safety lesson led by the police officers, also an additional distance lecture was organized in cooperation with the police for the children of employees.

Particular attention is paid to safe driving at the Vlantana Driver training center, which has been operating for almost a decade and trains about 1,500 drivers a year. Some of them are learning the basics of driving, others are raising or updating their qualifications. In collaboration with the training center, a special video tutorial on safe driving has been created for the company’s drivers, which they will be able to watch at a convenient time.

“The culture of road users is an integral part and a reflection of the culture of society, and road safety depends on each of us. I am convinced that safety compliance is one of the key tools that can help reduce the number of road accidents and the number of victims. Therefore, we will continue to pay a lot of attention to the education of road users and the support of various preventive measures on the road,” says the head of Vlantana.

The company shared a video tutorial with its customers with tips on how to apply the principles of economical and safe driving to everyday driving.

Media: Vakarų ekspresas / Delfi