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Loyalty cards

Individual persons and corporate persons may apply for a loyalty card at any filling station. With a Vlantana loyalty card a customer gets 0.03 Euro discount per every litre of fuel.   

Vlantana loyalty program scheme:

  • Loyalty cards are issued free of charge at a Vlantana UAB filling station.
  • User of a card is given 0.03 Euro discount on every litre of fuel immediately.
  • Discount is given only on showing a loyalty card.
  • Loyalty cards are valid when paying in cash or by a payment card.
  • The discount rate may be changed without giving prior notice to a card user.

Vlantana UAB reserves the right to change the loyalty programme rules and terminate validity of a card if it works improperly or because of other objective reasons.

Payment cards for companies

Vlantana payment card allows a simple and efficient way to purchase fuel and goods.

An agreement is signed first after which cards are issued and serviced free of charge.

A customer gets VAT invoices and detailed purchase statements electronically at the beginning of each month.

There is an option to get printed original copies of VAT invoices and sales statements at a filling station. 

We offer an agreement providing deferred payment or an agreement for prepayment.

Join us and become a business partner of Vlantana UAB.

For an agreement on fuel purchase please contact us by +37064011212 or via e-mail