Our values

All the members of our team are fully aware of the company’s values considering that it is fundamental to our organisational culture helping to understand the crux of our business.

Members of our team

The advantage of our company lays in the trustworthy team owing to which we have grown into one of the largest logistics companies in Lithuania.

Our business demands an on-going improvement, fast response and a huge commitment to work. We make every effort in creating such environment where each and everyone are able to realise one’s potential notwithstanding individual skills. We believe that only competent workers achieve the highest level of performance and their solutions daily contribute to the company’s success.

We use our best endeavours to make every customer satisfied with our services and thus we teach our staff to be integral and responsible in delivering their duties and provide for opportunities of their development and improvement.

We are glad to still have with us employees who started from the very beginning of the company. The knowledge, expertise and experience gained by them help young members of the team find their own way.

Business ethics

Our aim is to evolve into a company which business standards and principles would set an example to follow by other market participants. It means more than knowing what to do. It is an understanding of fair behaviour and conduct. Integrity, trust and mission statement are important in seeking to maintain high business standards of an organisation. Ethical conduct comprises all our solutions made on a daily basis. We win the trust of our partners through our work.

Long-term relationship with partners

We work in the logistics market the growth of which directly impacts national, world and global economic performance. It is important that the operations in our segment of market are beneficial to our partners, community and enable the company to pursue profitable business. Partners are a key element of success. We wish to become part of their success story. We make every effort that the partners working with us would value us as an integral part of their business environment. We are always open to the opportunities for cooperation, seeking to exceed expectations of our partners and invest in long-term cooperation relations.

Organisational culture

Our organisational culture is intended for each member of our team. We do our best so that each and every person would feel respect for his or her work, be proud of being part of the company and seek continuous development. We are building up an environment where every member of the team could have career opportunities and get involved in the successful development of the company.

The focus on the members of the organisation and ongoing processes makes it possible to enhance our activities and attract new ideas. It enables a fast and efficient response to the needs of our customers, to recognise new business opportunities and to successfully work together with our partners.