First Electric-powered VOLVO Truck in our Fleet!

Continuing its journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future in the transport and logistics sector, VLANTANA takes another step towards zero CO2 emissions!

Today marks a significant milestone in VLANTANA’s history – we are delighted to announce that we have added the first electric-powered VOLVO truck to our vehicle fleet. From this day onwards, we proudly begin testing our first electrically powered truck on regular routes!

“Responsibility is one of the core values at Vlantana, and it is crucial for us to ensure it in our daily operations. Since the establishment of our company, Vlantana has been striving to find ways to ensure more sustainable, greener, and cost-effective transportation. As a company transporting the most cargo by the Baltic Sea, today, Vlantana takes yet another important step towards sustainability. We sincerely believe that the new electric-powered Volvo truck in our fleet marks the beginning of a significant new chapter.

We hope that by testing this truck for transporting goods within Lithuania, we will have the opportunity to confirm that the title of the 2023 Truck of the Year was well-deserved for it. By using this truck to transport goods, we will not only reduce CO2 emissions but also guarantee reliable and timely deliveries to our customers. We firmly believe that embracing new technologies is the future, and businesses must be responsible and contribute to preserving our planet. We genuinely care about the environment in which we conduct our business and the legacy we leave for future generations,” says Sabina Chochrina, CEO of UAB Vlantana.