We are pursuing sustainable, socially responsible and innovative business development by being committed to:

Safe and eco driving
We are conscientious stewards of both public safety and the environment. Here at Vlantana we have developed a training program on energy-efficient driving to decrease fuel consumption, emission levels, increase road safety and improve driving behavior.
Fleet planning by involving differentiated modes of transport (short-sea, train connections) and routes planning tools favors in saving CO2 emission and efficient asset utilization.
We pursue implementation of EDI solutions in every stage of our daily activities: from order acceptance to invoicing stage. Aim to implement e-CMR together with our partners.
Novel equipment and alternative fuel
Fleet we operate with is EUROVI standard and not older than 2,5 years on average. We constantly explore possibilities to increase usage of fossil-free fuels for our EUROVI trucks along with possibilities to onboard trucks running on alternative fuel.
Green lifestyle
Sustainability means a better future for all of us. We have taken the necessary steps to promote a greener lifestyle amongst our employees from consuming less energy in our facilities and properties to encouraging the sorting of waste within the company for recycling and waste disposal.
Sponsorship programs
We stand up for the community, the environment and sport. Therefore, we support and empower positive values, healthy habits, and education for the community stakeholders.

Environmental policy:

Quality, occupational safety, health and environmental policy
JSC Vlantana, while providing freight transportation, warehousing, logistics and driver training services, undertakes to:
·        Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality integrated system, taking into account the expectations of customers, in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, other legal and regulatory requirements, as well as contractual obligations undertaken by the company.
·        To carry out the prevention of accidents and illnesses by allocating the necessary resources and ensuring the improvement of a safe and healthy working environment, the reduction of dangerous factors for human beings, and implementation of social guarantees.
·        Use technologies that have the least harmful impact on the environment in order to prevent pollution and continuously improve the state of the environment.
·        To implement planning and transport coordination tools for their efficient use.
·        To organize the efficiency of the system for the use of raw materials, energy, and renewable natural resources, reducing waste and organizing their secondary use.
 ·       To develop the sense of responsibility and awareness of every employee of the company, that environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources are not only a joint responsibility
of the enterprise, but also personal obligation of each employee.
 ·       To improve the qualifications of employees at all levels by promoting the initiative and allocating the necessary resources to do so.
 ·       To apply innovation by installing ergonomic workplaces and selecting appropriate work and safety measures.
 ·       To inform the public about the activities and achievements of the company.
 · The management of the company is responsible for ensuring that this policy is known, understandable and implemented by all employees of JSC Vlantana at all levels of activity and is known to all interested parties.
Quality, occupational safety, health and environmental objectives
·       For the sake of business perfection, to ensure that 100% of the services provided by JSC Vlantana group of companies are performed on time in accordance with the terms of the contract, with optimal use of energy resources and comply with the requirements of customers and the relevant laws and regulations;
·       To strengthen positions in the market;
·       To improve operational efficiency and maintain the image of a reliable partner;
·       To be safe for the environment, employees and future generations by developing a sustainable and socially responsible business model;
·       To create safe working environment.

Code of conduct:

Code of Conduct establishes the general obligations and principles which are followed by the company “Vlantana” in the performance of its activities. The requirements of the Code of Conduct apply to all employees of Vlantana and partners.
I. General provisions
1. This Code (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”) establishes the general obligations and principles of UAB „Vlantana“ (hereinafter referred to as „the Company“), which are followed by the Company in the performance of its activities. The requirements of the Code apply to all employees of the Company and its partners.
II. Principle of company performance
2. The Company undertakes to comply with all laws and regulations, including but not limited to: requirements for the anti-corruption, social responsibility, human rights and freedoms, and the children`s rights protection.
3. The Company`s main operating principle is transparent and ethical business.
4. The Company`s business is based on the principles of fair competition. Corrupt agreements with customers, suppliers or officials representing state institutions are prohibited.
5. The Company does not tolerate forced labour, respects human rights, and labour relations are based on the principle of free self-determination. The Company does not tolerate the work of persons performing punishment in prison and does not apply physical or psychological punishment.
6. Child abuse at work is prohibited by the Company, and all the requirements of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) are met. The Company strongly opposes any child labour. Child labour is not tolerated by suppliers, customers or partners also. If the fact that a supplier or partner has used child labour is confirmed, the relevant state authorities are always informed.
7. The Company supports legal employment of young employees. The Company shall ensure that young employees are recruited in accordance with applicable law and protected from any involvement or work that may, under the circumstances or the nature of the work, harm their health, safety and morality. The recruitment of young employees takes place only in accordance with the legislation of the country of the employment of persons under the age of 18 and their work conditions.
8. The Company respects the possibility of merger and co-operation and the right to represent and defend their collective interests. Employees are in no way restricted by the freedom and the right of association and collective bargaining.
9. Safe and harmless working conditions are guaranteed and assured to employees in the Company. The Company manages the risks affecting the health and safety of employees.
10. The Company cares for the environment and meets all environmental requirements. The Company saves natural resources, and waste is sorted and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of waste disposal according to the type of waste.
11. The Company is constantly striving to reduce the Company`s harmful effects on the environment, therefore the vehicles are constantly renewed and their technical features contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution.
12. Financial accounting in the Company is carried out in compliance with all requirements of accounting management.
13. The Company undertakes to act ethically, honestly and responsibly in communicating with various interested parties: employees, potential employees, shareholders, customers, partners, state institutions.
14. Business solutions and actions proposed by the Company to its customers are based on the principles of maximum benefit to customers and shareholders.
15. The Company continuously develops a quality culture, constantly improves cargo transportation services and their management solutions.
16. In order to ensure the highest quality of freight services, the Company offers only the solutions that best meet their needs.