Petrol station
& truck wash

Petrol station & Truck wash are highly popular amongst travelers both heavy vehicles and passenger cars due to handily location on
the 295 km of A1/E85 highway

Petrol station service is available 24/7. Here you will probably find the best fuel rate within Klaipeda making Vlantana’s Petrol Station the very first choice stop to refuel for trucks and cars before continuing trip further to Klaipeda and beyond. Petrol station offers additional available 24/7 services for truck drivers: refueling, truck wash, weighbridge, canteen, shower, wi-fi.
Truck Wash service is available 24/7. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Christ and Kranzle equipment enabling us to accept vehicles up to 5 m high and 4 wide. Only high-quality certified chemicals are used. Truck&wash holds licence allowing to provide washing/disinfection service for the trailers dedicated to transport food.

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