“Vlantana” storage services of western quality

Already this year one of the largest logistic centers in Western Lithuania „Vlantana“ will be completed near Klaipeda marine port, near one of the main transport arteries highway, connecting port city with the capital. Modern logistics center storage areas will increase by two and a half time, services spectrum will expand significantly.

The pandemic did not stop the construction

The development of the warehouses managed by „Vlantana“ started just a year ago, on the 3rd of October, when a memory capsule was buried. And construction is nearing completion, the installation of interior equipment is currently being completed. Investments amount to 20 mln. euros.

The area of the new warehouses is 32 thousands sq.m, height – 14.5 m, 45 loading ramps are installed. Before the start of the expansion, there were 23 thousand. kv. m warehouses with 25 loading ramps: dry storage, temperature storage – adjustable storage temperature up to 25 degrees cold). Now the storage area will reach 55 thousands kv. m, so it can be stated that it will be the largest logistics center in Klaipėda district and Western Lithuania.

There are a lot of complaints from construction companies that everything has stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the construction of the warehouses of the „Vlantana“ logistics center, which started last year, is already being completed.

“While most real estate developers and investors suspended or abandoned planned projects following the onset of the pandemic, and individual private builders also postponed most of their planned construction work, we continued the project that was started in 2019 and did not stop the work, – said Tomas Stonys, General Director of UAB „Vlantana“. – Of course, the first half of this year was really a time of challenges and difficult decisions – we have been forced to reorient ourselves quickly, shift priorities and take non-standard decisions. When the pandemic broke out, some customers reduced their operations or stopped operations, but even before the start of construction, we had signed several letters of intent with our partners, and this was an important reason to continue the project. We are currently continuing those negotiations, are discussing with new customers about warehousing and other 3PL services in the new warehouse. ”

For part of the warehouse area, letters of intent had already been signed with customers before the construction of the warehouses began. Potential customers are manufacturers (both Lithuanian and foreign – from Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Italy), who place more emphasis on production and its development in their activities, and entrust the management of logistics processes to us, while they focus on performance management and achievement.

Modern building

Asked why it was necessary to practically double the storage space, the head of the company answered the daily that even before starting the construction, it was clear that the need for storage space existed, and in such a strategic place as Klaipeda it would only increase.

“After analyzing the load of storage areas in the logistics centers of Klaipėda region 98 percent and talking to our customers, we understood that there is a great need to expand storage areas in the region, – said T.Stonys. – Producers are shifting priorities and are more likely to focus on production and process improvement, with the main goal of the manufacturing business being to be as efficient as possible, so warehousing and other related services are outsourced. It is less efficient for a manufacturing business to have its own warehouses, because the building becomes the axis of activity, not the means of activity, resources are used for construction, the focus on development is lost – so business becomes less flexible. Warehouse operations are complex and need much knowledge, and the producer earns from the goods produced and sold, so he is better off investing in production and efficiency. “

According to the General Director of UAB „Vlantana“, the new warehouses are not worse than such buildings anywhere in Europe. Like any new construction project, it has been improved using today’s innovations.

“We were looking for the latest and most efficient technological options, we used our own and professional experience both in designing the new warehouse and making technical decisions, the head of the company explained. – Also ramps, gates, all equipment in the new warehouse is the newest and most modern. In addition, we pay special attention to the security factor, so the territory and warehouses are protected 24/7, intelligent security technologies are installed, the territory is guarded 24 hours a day, and the most modern fire protection system is installed in the building. ”

T. Stonys told that the range of services provided by the company will increase in scale – the storage lease area alone will increase by two and a half times. The new modern logistics center will provide all 3PL services: from the most diverse handling, measuring, weighing, sorting, marking up to the quality of the accepted cargo and customs services, but in the new warehouse the employees of such services will be able to provide much more, the efficiency will increase. In general, all logistics services required by the customer will be provided – the height of the shelving racks will be adjusted according to the customer’s needs, tracking of goods and their balances will be ensured, documents will be arranged, and customs brokerage services will be provided. The new logistics center will create over 60 new jobs.

Drivers are also taken care of

Upon completion of the construction, the „Vlantana“ logistics center will provide more and high-quality recreational and accommodation services.

“We are currently facing not only the pandemic, but also other challenges that limit all carriers and their operations,” said the head of the company. – The mobility package and changes that have taken place have made it necessary to rethink some aspects of the operation in order to meet requirements, such as compulsory hotel rest for drivers, although the necessary infrastructure for specialized hotels and guarded parking has not been set up to meet this requirement.

In order to meet the requirements of the mobility package, the company contributed to the development and creation of the missing infrastructure. Although „Vlantana֧“ has already set up a 34-room motel, which still provides accommodation today, the need for accommodation services is only growing with the mobility package. “

A comfortable motel with 80 double and spacious family rooms adapted to the needs of drivers is being contructed in the logistics center. The public accommodation is designed to be comfortable for both short stays and longer stays. Some drivers come to work with families, so there are comfortable double-room apartments (living room, kitchen, shower and bedroom). For shorter stays – comfortable double rooms with washbasins, showers, storage. It is planned to install a recreation space and gym.

Next to the logistics center, a 200-space heavy-duty parking lot with showers and toilets and a rest room have been established and guarded. This 24-hour secure car park will be safe and comfortable not only for those staying at the motel, but also for passing drivers in need of rest. There is a 24-hour petrol station for drivers to shop and eat, a truck scale and a car wash, and showers with showers. Everyone who passes by will be able to have a good rest.