„Vlantana“ strengthens its position in the warehousing market

One of the largest logistics centers in Western Lithuania, managed by UAB „Stonus Invest“, will open its doors and start providing services by the end of the year. The new warehouses will complement the logistics center of UAB „Vlantana“ located next to the Vilnius – Klaipėda highway, which will be larger more than twice when the new infrastructure is completed.

UAB „Stonus Invest“ belongs to the „Stonus Group“, which unites seven companies, including one of the largest transport companies in the country, „Vlantana“. The group companies have accumulated experience in international cargo transportation and logistics, provide 3 PL services, therefore can offer customers complex warehousing, transportation and delivery services.

The area of ​​the new logistics warehouses in Klaipėda district will reach 32 thousand sq. meters, they are equipped with 45 loading ramps. The completed complex will complement the „Vlantana“ warehouse complex. After opening the new facility, the total area of ​​the managed warehouses will be as much as 55 thousand sq. meters. The project, which required an investment of 20 million EUR, will become one of the largest logistics centers in Western Lithuania.

Took the opportunity in time

Tomas Stonys, CEO of  UAB „Stonus Group“ and UAB „Vlantana“, states that the investment in the construction of the new logistics center was stimulated by the demand for warehousing premises observed in the market.

The need for warehousing services is especially felt in strategically convenient places, and the company’s new warehouses will be opened near the country’s largest highway, Vilnius-Klaipėda, which connects Klaipėda port with the whole country.

“The planned development of warehousing areas by major market players indicates that the warehousing market is currently full and the demand for such services is clearly growing. Having noticed this trend in time and immediately investing, we can offer the services of the new warehouse complex to the market today, ”says T. Stonys.

For different needs

The new logistics center will provide all complex warehousing services, various stevedoring services, sorting, marking, packing, preparation for transportation, customs brokers, excise goods storage and other services.

“We have an possibility to offer customers individual warehousing solutions, taking into account the dimensions, specifics and nature of their cargo. We will provide a wide range of warehousing services in the new logistics center. We will be able to provide various storage methods: pallets, packaging or mixed principle. Having many years of experience, we see what a package of unique services we could offer in order to meet the greatest possible needs of potential customers, ” says T. Stonys.

The „Vlantana“ logistics center is equipped with advanced IT systems that will ensure the smooth operation of the warehouse and enable the integration of customer systems for placing orders, exchanging data and various reports. Modern firefighting and security systems will ensure the security of stored cargo around the clock.

Drivers’ accommodation spaces are being completed in the logistics complex. The motel has 80 double, triple and spacious family rooms. A 300-place heavy parking lot has been established and is guarded next to the logistics center.

Already have customers

The head of the company T. Stonys is glad that with the construction of the logistics center nearing completion, the company has already concluded at least several letters of intent with customers regarding the provision of warehousing services in the new complex. It is expected that in the near future it will be possible to lease the entire remaining area of ​​the complex.

“The fact that the  of the new warehouse space was booked already at the beginningt of construction proves that we have chosen the right business development strategy that meets the needs of the market,” says the company’s CEO.

Speaking about potential customers, T. Stonys notes that it is expected to attract not only Lithuanian but also foreign businesses: “We focus on the manufacturing sector, where companies focus on production processes, and trust „Vlantana“’s warehousing and logistics processes.”

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