UAB “Vlantana” added new Volvo FH42 trucks to its fleet

UAB Vlantana, one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania added new Volvo FH42 trucks to its fleet. The first trucks are already transporting cargo in Europe.

“The decision to purchase Volvo trucks in particular was made taking into account the specification of these trucks, its high quality, low fuel consumption, the implemented environmentally friendly solutions and the extremely favorable attitude of drivers towards this particular brand of trucks”, says Sabina Chochrina, CEO of UAB Vlantana.

The new trucks are designed to ensure comfort for drivers and maximum safety for other road users. The integration of speed limitation devices, driving speed limits, automatic transmission, stability control systems, collision warning systems and lane departure systems integrated into trucks will help reduce the likelihood of human error and ensure the safest driving.

The fuel-saving truck equipment package in these Volvo trucks, which includes cruise control with fuel-efficient and optimized I-save (CRUIS E5) and automatic engine shutdown at idle after 1 minute, helps to reduce fuel consumption and drive much more economically and environmentally friendly.

The acquisition of new trucks and the constant renewal of the fleet allow UAB Vlantana to meet the expectations of its customers, employees, and the public.